Another Record-Breaker: Temperatures Climb into Upper 70s, 80s for 2nd Straight Day

Temperatures in Central Park hit record highs for a second straight day Thursday as warm weather that has moved into the region continues to push the mercury into the 70s. 

It was 76 degrees in Manhattan before noon, smashing the previous high-water mark for the date set in 2006. Record highs were also observed at Newark-Liberty International Airport, where it was 77 degrees, and Islip, which hit 72 degrees.

Thursday turned out to be even warmer than Wednesday; highs topped 81 degrees in Newark and were near the 80-degree mark at LaGuardia and Central Park. In Islip, they hit 73 degrees. 

Temperatures are normally in the mid 40s this time of year but will be in the 70s and 60s through the weekend.

It hit 77 degrees in Central Park Wednesday, topping a previous record of 69 degrees, which was set on March 9, 2000.

By comparison, this time last year, there was still 13 inches of snow in Central Park.

Temperatures in Newark reached 82 degrees Wednesday, breaking the previous record of 74 also set in 2000, Storm Team 4 said. 

Areas west of the city can also expect to break records Thursday, but temperatures will stay significantly cooler along the coast, especially south-facing shorelines, Storm Team 4 says.

Rain may accompany this week’s warm weather, with the chance of showers highest Thursday evening and night, especially in areas to the north of the city. The rain should be out of our area by Friday morning. 

The early warmth is also causing some trees to bloom early and the tree pollen count is already reaching moderate levels in the tri-state this week.

Temps will still be about 15 degrees above normal on Friday and Saturday, with highs in the low to mid 60s under mostly clear skies both days.

A steady rain is set to return and the weather will likely be a bit cooler later on Sunday into Monday, so keep an umbrella handy, Storm Team 4 says.

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