NYC Bodegas Now Delivering with New App

My Bodega Online, a creation of the Bodega and Small Business Association of New York and tech startup JungleWorks is bringing delivery to your corner store during the pandemic

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What to Know

  • My Bodega Online is a new app that lets shoppers get items from their local corner store online
  • The service was supposed to launch later this year, but the groups behind the app bumped it up to help serve customers and stores hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic
  • You can download the app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play

With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, a bodega trade group and a tech startup have teamed up to create “My Bodega Online,” a new app designed to help New Yorkers retrieve groceries and toiletries with ease. 

It’s the creation of the Bodega and Small Business Association of New York and JungleWorks, a technology service provider. The app is designed to help bodegas manage online orders and send out deliveries in a concise and convenient manner. 

“We were planning to launch our app this summer but the current coronavirus crisis has pushed our team to an early release,” says Jose Bello, one of the co-founders. “The services will be free during the crisis. We only ask the public to tip generously our delivery partners in gratitude for their heroic service.” 

To use it, all you have to do is sign up and provide your address. After that, the app suggests various bodegas around your neighborhood. Shopping for that bag of chips or a bacon egg and cheese on a hard roll becomes as simple as a couple taps. 

 “Our company seeks to become a partner in solving on-demand grocery delivery issues during this moment of crisis,” co-founder Samar Singla said. 

Currently, there are just a couple bodegas in each borough on the service, but stores interested in joining the service should go to to register. 

“We encourage all bodega owners to contact the team of My Bodega Online, upload their products and start using the app. It is an easy way to bring all bodegas to the digital on-demand world.” Francisco Marte, the founder of the Bodega and Small Business Association of New York, said. 

You can also download the My Bodega Online mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

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