Pricey Parking Has Nassau Coliseum Patrons Doing a Double Take

Chilly winds that blew outside the new Nassau Coliseum on Thursday matched the feelings of some ticket-buyers about parking fees at the arena.

Billy Joel fans paid $40 for parking before his opening concert at the Coliseum on Wednesday night. And not even the Piano Man’s sweet music could sooth some fans’ frustration.

“It’s too expensive,” Fiona Wang said. “Come on, you know, I’m just coming for one show. It’s $40?”

Social media lit up with complaints on Wednesday night.

“What a RIP OFF,” one user posted. “Parking $40! At least wash my car,” wrote another.

“Bring down the price! You’re just opening up,” Jose Morrell said.

Luckily for Morrell, he probably won’t pay $40 for parking when he comes to see Marc Anthony in concert on Sunday.

Coliseum management says parking prices will vary from $5 to $40 depending on the event. And 2,000 parking passes for $20 or less will be available online before every show.

Other tri-state venues are charging similar parking fees. At Citi Field it costs $25 for baseball games. Yankees fans must shell out $30 to $40 to see the Bronx Bombers play. MetLife Stadium charges $30 for non-football events.

The difference at Nassau Coliseum, critics point out, is that there are few alternatives to driving there. That means just about everyone has to pay an additional fee for parking their car.

Outside Nassau Coliseum Thursday, Craig Cohen said the price is excessive, but the arena can ultimately charge what it wants.

“In life, you don’t make the price,” Cohen said. “They tell me the price, if you want to pay it, you gotta pay it. Otherwise, you don’t come.”

Stevie Nicks was set to perform at the Coliseum Thursday night with a $30 parking fee.

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