NY Leads Nation in Antisemitic Attacks, Despite Sharp Decline in 2020, ADL Says

The Anti-Defamation League said assaults fell sharply, but online harassment rose, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed social behaviors

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New York continues to lead the nation in antisemitic incidents, even with a 22 percent decline in 2020, the Anti-Defamation League said.

The ADL released its annual data Tuesday, showing a total of 336 documented incidents in New York last year -- almost 17 percent of the national total.

While assaults dropped sharply, there was a surge in attacks against Jewish institutions, the ADL said. These include both in-person and digital harassment and vandalism.

More than a third of all documented vandalism cases involved the use of the Nazi swastika.

The ADL also called out a sharp rise in incidents on Staten Island last year -- nearly double 2019, even as reports fell sharply elsewhere.

New Jersey experienced a similar pattern, with the number of overall incidents declining, but episodes of harassment rising.

In both states, the ADL attributed the changes to COVID control measures, including distancing and lockdowns. Incidents remained notably high in the first quarter of the year, continuing 2019's record pattern, before the pandemic hit.

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