Daily News Endorses Hillary Clinton, a ‘Superprepared Warrior Realist'

The newspaper has been highly vocal during the primaries

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of the Daily News, the New York tabloid whose acerbic front covers have routinely skewered presidential candidates this election – even Clinton.

The endorsement comes a week before the New York primary, which could help seal the Democratic nomination for Clinton. The Daily News called her a "superprepared warrior realist" in an endorsement that said she is the candidate most able to kick-start the United States' economy and address income inequality.

Clinton has a two-digit lead in several recent polls of New York Democrats likely to vote on Tuesday, and the endorsement of one of New York City's newspapers could help her gain support.

The Daily News has been highly vocal during the primaries, often devoting its front cover to mocking presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump. On the day of the New Hampshire primary, for example, its front-page headline read "Is N.H. Smarter Than THIS Fifth Grader?"

It's taken aim at Democrats as well. Bernie Sanders' interview with the editorial board became a talking point, as some, including the Daily News, argued his explanation for how he would address financial inequality in the U.S. was under-cooked.

On Tuesday morning, the front page blasted Clinton for her part in a joking routine at a New York political gala that made use of a stereotype of black people. The headline read "Skit for Brains."

But that lowlight didn't stop the newspaper from endorsing Clinton, who served for eight years as a U.S. senator from New York.

"Clinton’s proposals are shaped for the world in which we live, not the world in which we might wish to live. By any stretch of the imagination — except that of Sanders — they stand as the high-flying progressive wish list of a results-driven candidate," the Daily News' editorial board wrote.

The Daily News didn't announce an endorsement in the Republican race Tuesday night. The New York Times endorsed Clinton and Ohio Gov. John Kasich in January. New York's other major tabloid, the Post, hasn't endorsed a candidate.

Also Tuesday, The New York Observer, a smaller newspaper, endorsed Trump, citing his ability to energize Republicans. The newspaper is published by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, but the endorsement said there were more reasons to endorse him than that, comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan.

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