New York

Beer Truck Crashes and Flips on Long Island, Leaving Behind a Boozy Mess: Police

Both drivers escaped the beer-soaked wreckage with minor injuries

Cases and bottles of beer littered a Long Island roadway early Wednesday morning after a truck carrying the beer crashed into a car and rolled over, police said.

The 18-wheeler careened into the red sedan at South Service and Walt Whitman roads in Melville shortly after midnight, according to police.

The force of the impact caused the truck to roll over and break apart, unleashing an avalanche of Bud Light. Dozens, possibly hundreds, of blue cases of beer lay on the roadway after the crash.

Despite the damage inflicted on both vehicles, the drivers of the truck and sedan suffered minor injuries, authorities said. They were taken to Nassau University Medical Center and are expected to recover.

The Department of Transportation arrived a short time later to deal with the spillage. A stretch of South Service Road was closed as the beer-soaked mess was cleaned up.

The driver was issued a ticket for unlicensed operation of a vehicle, officials said.

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