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NJT Nightmare Continues Monday, With Another Wave of Cancelled Trains

Up to three-quarters of Monday morning's cancellations were due to a lack of engineers

What to Know

  • NJTransit cancelled at least 20 trains across its network during the rush hour Monday morning, and 30 over the course of the day
  • That followed 20 rush-hour cancellations Friday, which the railroad blamed on safety work and an elevated level of crew absences
  • "We're getting killed," one agency source said of the situation last week

NJ Transit riders can not catch a break.

The railroad cancelled at least 30 trains on six lines between 5 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. Monday, including a sudden spate of cancellations at Hoboken just as the evening rush started.

That followed Friday's chaos, where more than 30 trains were knocked out over the course of the day. As with Friday, NJT laid the blame primarily on a shortage of personnel to operate the trains. 

"Of the 20 annulments, about one-quarter were due to mechanical issues and the rest were the result of a lack of available engineers," a spokeswoman said in a statement, referring specifically to the Monday morning rush-hour cancellations. 

The railroad expects a new class of nine engineers to graduate training in the next week, and has multiple more classes in training beyond that. 

Riders again took to social media to vent - at length, in some cases.

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