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Jersey City and Newark Among Least Cancer-Prone Cities in US: Reports

What to Know

  • Jersey City was ranked the fourth least cancer-prone, while Newark was the ninth least cancer-prone
  • A study by Men's Health credits the Partnership for a Healthier New Jersey as one of the factors that boosted the cities's scores
  • New York City was 22nd least cancer-prone city

Two New Jersey cities are among the top cities where residents are least likely to get cancer, reports say.

Jersey City and Newark are both in the top 10 least cancer-prone cities of 100 cities ranked, according to Men’s Health.

Between the two cities, Jersey City came out on top, ranking as the fourth healthiest city when it comes to the risk of getting cancer.

Jersey City has the fourth lowest smoking rate on the list. It also ranked second for the least number of residents diagnosed with cancer and second for the least number of inflammatory diseases, which can cause tumors to grow and cancer to spread, according to the scientific journal Cell, according to Men’s Health.

The report also credits New Jersey’s health initiative program, the Partnership for a Healthier New Jersey, as lowering the risk of cancer in Jersey City and the state. The program has increased the number of primary health care providers and promoted healthy recreational activities like walking and biking.

Meanwhile, Newark was the ninth least cancer-prone city on the list. Despite its large, international airport and history of industry, the city is chock-full of young people, with its affordable housing in close proximity to New York. More than half of the city’s population is under 35 years old, and most cancers are diagnosed in older adults, according to Men’s Health.

Newark’s residents also report eating their fruits and veggies and not binge drinking too much, which pushed it up on the list, the report said. However, of all the cities ranked, Newark had the greatest percentage of residents at an unhealthy weight, which is a factor in a significant number of cancers.

Two other tri-state cities made the list: Bridgeport, Connecticut, was the 22nd least cancer-prone city and New York City was the 34th least cancer-prone.

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