Cops in Class-Action Quota Suit Fire Back at NYPD Commissioner

The current and former officer suing the NYPD over alleged arrest quotas fired back at police Commissioner Bill Bratton Tuesday after the city's top cop dismissed their claims with an expletive.

The dozen minority officers listed as plaintiffs in the federal class action lawsuit against the NYPD said Tuesday that the alleged practice, first reported last week, took umbrage with Bratton – who said the claims that the NYPD still enforce quotas and punish officers who don’t play along were “bulls---.”

“For Commissioner Bratton to use profanity to address legitimate concerns of employees is disrespectful and callous,” said Chukwuemeka Nwokoro.

The allegations of quotas were first reported last week, and the lead plaintiff on the case, Edwin Raymond, told the I-Team’s Sarah Wallace in an exclusive interview that he alleged “black and Hispanic neighborhoods are hunted” under the quota system and that he secretly recorded conversations with other officers confirming its existence.

At a news conference Tuesday, Raymond and other officers outlined ways that they felt the department retaliated against them for taking action. Raymond was bounced around for a promotion, while officer Adnyl Polanco said he had been bounced around for speaking up.

Quotas bring problems to the most vulnerable,” said Adnyl Polanco, a cop who works in the 94th precinct in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

They said that they hope their lawsuit will lead to better community policing.

The city, meanwhile has asked a judge to toss the suit. A ruling is expected within a couple of months. 

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