Lawmakers Want to Keep Moist Wipes Out of City Toilets: Report

A pair of New York City's lawmakers are reportedly looking to keep moist wipes out of the city’s toilets.

Councilmen Donovan Richards and Antonio Reynoso are introducing a bill Thursday that would ban advertising or labeling moist toilet wipes as “flushable,” according to the Daily News.

The moist wipes are marketed as an alternative to toilet paper, but city officials say they simply don't break down in the same way and are clogging the sewage system, potentially costing taxpayers for the extra cleanup costs. Water treatment plants say tens of thousands of wipes get caught in the 230 millions of raw sewage that flows through each day.

Under the new law, manufacturers would face a $5,000 fine for adding the “flushable” label to the wipes, according to the report. 

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