NYC Municipal Jobs Pay Well, Cost Even More

Extra factors contribute to New York City salary costs

The average municipal worker in New York makes around $69,000 but costs taxpayers almost $107k.

How does that work? A new report from the watchdog group Citizens Budget Commission explains: "In fiscal year 2008, average pay per employee topped $69,100, and average fringe benefit costs were approximately $37,600. An employee’s pay includes base salary, overtime, shift or occupational differentials, longevity and other additional payments."

So while $69,000 might sound like a reasonable average wage considering the cost of living here, 107 large is pretty stunning. And remember, that's the average!

It hasn't always been that way. The CBC reports that city workers have gained compensation waaaay faster than the rest of us since 2000: "The growth in compensation costs for New York City employees rapidly outpaced that in private industry and in state and local governments nationally. Total compensation costs nationally increased 31 percent for private employers and 34 percent for state and local governments – compared to 63 percent for New York City."

It raises an interesting set of questions for Mayor Bloomberg (who has presided over most of the increase) and for his opponents in this year's election.

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