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New York City Is Finally Getting Its Very First Dog Cafe

New York City is about to get its very first dog cafe.

Boris and Horton is making its way to the the East Village. It is the brainchild of father-daughter duo Coppy and Logan Holzman and is named after their pups. 

Their target audience? Dog lovers who also love a good cup of joe. 

“We wanted to come up with a solution for people when they want to grab a coffee or a snack and don't want to leave their dog at home or tie them up outside,” Logan Holzman said.

The cafe will have tasty treats for four-legged attendees to enjoy as well as pastries for their owners to munch on. The eatery will also feature merchandise and a photo booth.

Wondering if you can bring your other pets? Nope. The cafe is only for dogs and their owners. 

Boris and Horton will occupy two store spaces. One space for the cafe and one space for the dogs. However, a glass window will unite the two spaces so that those eating in the cafe can watch the pups frolic.

The eatery is specifically designed to ensure sanitary dining conditions.

“We will have strict rules of conduct to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, so loud or rambunctious dogs will be asked to leave," Holzman said. "Its funny, because our dog Boris probably wouldn't be an ideal guest in the cafe, but we're working on his manners,” she joked.

The cafe is also teaming up with Brooklyn Badass Animal Rescue to help unite customers with dogs in need of a loving home by hosting weekly adoption events.

“We both have a passion for animal rescue and hope to create a space where we can promote the cause through adoption events and fundraisers," Holzman said. "When I lived in New Orleans, I would sit outside my favorite coffee shop with my foster dog in his or her 'adopt me' vest and I found it was a great way to gain exposure for the dog and the rescue.” 

The cafe is expected to open in December and the cafe’s website will launch shortly before that.

The cafe will open on the corner of East 12 and Avenue A.

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