March Madness: Where to Watch and Drink

Plenty of NYC bars will be showing your favorite squads

Thousands of New Yorkers are at work yearning to get their hands on a television to watch the opening round games of NCAA men's basketball tournament.

There are plenty of options for watching the games for college basketball fans in New York City, whether it's to root on your favorite team with fellow alums or to monitor the failings of your office pool selections.

Are you looking for a sports bar to relive Syracuse's 2003 championship run? Then shoot over to East End Bar & Grill on First Avenue where former Orange players have been known to stop in. 

Want to watch Duke get taken out by Binghamton tonight along with your fellow Cameron Crazies? Head down to Bar 515 on Third Avenue or check out Tracy J's Watering Hole in Gramercy to watch the game along side owner and former Duke All-American Art Heyman.

It doesn't matter what team you pull for, Manhattan offers plenty of places for you to watch Davids take down Goliaths with last-minute buzzer beaters.

So sneak out for lunch, call in sick, and head out to some of the following bars to watch March Madness in all its glory. Local bars are playing the following teams on the big screen:

If you don't see your school in this group, check out the full list at


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