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Murphy: NJ Transit Won't Raise Fares This Year, Budget Calls for Wi-Fi on Buses


Commuters of NJ Transit were treated to positive news on Monday: No fare hikes in the coming year.

Gov. Phil Murphy stood alongside top transit officials to announce a fifth straight year with no rise in prices.

“Without a single fare hike, NJ Transit has been drastically transformed and improved over the last five years," the governor said. "On-time performance is up, cancellations are down, and engineer ranks have been replenished.

But that good news didn't stop there. Murphy said the state also plans to budget for Wi-Fi installation on all NJ Transit buses.

“While there is much work still to be done, we’re pleased that we’re able to continue to build on the progress of the last four years without a fare increase for our customers in Fiscal Year 2023," NJ Transit President and CEO Kevin Corbett said.

Funds have also been acquired to "renovate and modernize" Newark-Penn Station.

Riders won't have to pay any fare hikes through at least mid-2023.

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