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Health Department Shuts Down Mighty Pie Cafe in Union Square After Photo Shows Mouse Nibbling Through Pie Case

What to Know

  • Twitter user @PersistentCooki shared the photo, captioned, "This Disney sequel is pretty lame ... Mighty Pie," on Monday night
  • The Health Department said Wednesday the kiosk had been shut down because of unsanitary conditions
  • The pie shop opened on Union Square West in June 2014

The city Health Department says it has shut down an outdoor cafe in Union Square for unsanitary conditions, a day after a photo of a mouse nibbling its way through a pie case made the rounds on social media. 

"Mighty Pie was closed due to a public health hazard that could not be corrected at the time of the inspection," an agency spokesman told NBC 4 New York in a statement Wednesday. "In this case, they had unsanitary conditions related to mice and food temperature violations. Once these issues have been corrected, the restaurant can request a re-opening inspection."

Twitter user @PersistentCooki shared the photo that prompted the health department investigation on Monday night. He captioned it, "This Disney sequel is pretty lame ... Mighty Pie." Ironically, the mouse was seen snacking below a sign advertising "Ratatouille," a coincidence that sparked more than a few Twitter memes. 

No phone number is listed for Mighty Pie and NBC 4 New York has not received a response to an email request for comment sent Tuesday. Mighty Pie is one of a number of restaurants listed by the Chef Driven Group. NBC New York left a message at Chef Driven Group Tuesday as well. 

According to Gothamist, the pie shop opened in June of 2014 in a kiosk on Union Square West. 

It's the latest stomach-churning saga in a series of intrepid animals finding themselves in odd places in New York City. Last month, a mouse was seen scurrying over cheese inside a deli case at a popular Queens bagel shop. 

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