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Man Searches for Dog Owner Who Disappeared After Nasty Attack at NYC Park

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A one-year-old rescue dog named Sarge is in good spirits after he suffered a horrific injury at a New York City park, but now his owner is searching for the man who left with the dog that attacked them.

Will Ruppel says he and his dog were at the Union Square park dog run when a pit bull bit Sarge in the neck. He desperately tried to pull the pit bull away from Sarge but was unsuccessful.

“I thought he was gonna die when his tongue was turning gray," Ruppel recalled. “I’m on the ground trying to get the Pitt bull to open its jaws up...and it really wasn’t working and he was screaming so much.”

Then a crowd gathered and helped him pull the pit bull away from his dog. Ruppel said he thought Sarge wasn't going to make it, and to add insult to injury, the pit bull and its owner disappeared in the chaos.

Sarge was left with stitches and a drain in his neck and Ruppel was left with over $1,600 in medical expenses.

"It would be one thing if this happened and the owner had given me his information and we worked it out and said ok things happen," Ruppel said. "The fact that the owner left showed he didn’t care about the safety of my dog or me.”

Ruppel said he was also injured during the incident and will likely need a rabies shot. He wants the owner of the pit bull to do the right thing and come forward.

“I don’t wanna press charges or anything. I’m sure your dog is a fine dog. I’d like you to come forward with an apology and to help me cover the medical bills," he said.

Ruppel added that witnesses filmed the incident with their phones. He hopes they will also come forward with their videos to help identify the dog and its owner.

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