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Man Flees JFK After Being Caught With Gun, But Leaves Behind All of His ID

The Brooklyn resident abandoned his shoes, suitcases, cash and three pieces of ID when he fled

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If you're going to run away from law enforcement, it's best not to leave behind at least three pieces of ID so they can come find you later.

That's what happened when a man fled JFK Airport after TSA screeners found a loaded 9mm handgun in his carry-on bag, the agency said Wednesday.

Once screeners spotted the gun during a routine scan Monday and asked the man to step aside, he ran out of the terminal, got into a taxi and left, TSA said.

But in his haste, he left his shoes behind. And his money. Plus his suitcases. Not to mention three pieces of ID -- his boarding pass, a New York learner's permit and his passport.

“Fleeing the checkpoint does this man no good,” John Bambury, TSA’s federal security director for the airport, said in a statement. “It was foolish of him to run. We know who he is and he now faces a stiff financial federal civil penalty.”

The Brooklyn resident was ticketed to fly to Atlanta.

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