Long Island Man Busted With 4 Assault Weapons, 44 More Guns: DA

Police arrested a man they said illegally sold undercover agents a rifle and found a small arsenal of guns, knives, ammo and high-capacity magazines in his Long Island home.

Larry Geuerrieri, 65, was booked on weapons charges after authorities found the massive weapons cache inside his Patchogue home on Wednesday while executing a search warrant.

Authorities said they found four assault-style semi-automatic weapons, including three that are illegal under New York state law. They also seized 19 other rifles and shotguns, 25 handguns, 10 illegal knives, 8 military-style ammunition containers filled with thousands of varieties of ammo, including what appeared to be armor-piercing rounds; and more than 50 high-capacity ammunition devices, including a 50-round magazine drum.

“We put an end to a recipe for a massacre,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini.

Sini said they began investigating Guerrieri after getting a tip from the Suffolk County Police Department’s pistol licensing bureau.

Then, in January, an undercover investigator allegedly bought a Wilson Combat .223 Remington semiautomatic rifle and four high capacity magazines for $2,000. During the transaction, Guerrieri -- who investigators said wasn’t licensed to sell guns -- allegedly offered to sell him another weapon that could accept a detachable magazine, a flash suppressor and a telescopic stock -- all illegal under state law.

Guerrieri was arraigned in Suffolk County District Court on Thursday. Bail was set at $250,000 cash or $500,000 bond.

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