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Help Hooch, an Adorable Pooch

A lovable English bulldog rescued on Long Island needs a new home



    Help Hooch, an Adorable Pooch

    Hooch needs a home.

    The Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is asking a member of the public to step forward and provide "a loving home" for a 4-year-old bulldog rescued Sunday in Roslyn Heights.

    Responding to a call of a dog in need of medical attention, SPCA workers came upon Hooch, whose eyes were swollen shut.

    Hooch was taken to a veterinary hospital and given immediate attention, but it was determined that he would need surgery to improve and save his eyesight.

    The SPCA said it is committed to giving Hooch the treatment he needs to live a happy life. In the meantime, Hooch will be living with a foster family.

    If anyone is interested in adopting Hooch or donating money to help him get surgery, contact the Nassau County SPCA by phone, (516) THE-SPCA, or through their website.