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Lena Dunham Endorses NJ Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Johnson in Pink Pajamas — From Bed

Lena Dunham, the creator and star of the HBO series "Girls," endorsed New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Jim Johnson -- in her pajamas.

In a YouTube video posted Thursday under the user name Jim Johnson, Dunham is seen reclining in light pink flannel pajamas, with her stuffed animal, Rico, her tousled hair partly covering her makeup-less face.

Even though she grew up in New York, Dunham suggested that everyone should support their neighbors. She then said that everyone should support a "just man" like Johnson for governor.

"He's not an ableist. He's a person who desperately wants everyone in New Jersey to have what they deserve," she said.

Dunham added: "He wants to bring back things like housing, health care, the bare essentials."

The same YouTube account posted a video of Jack Antonoff endorsing Johnson on Wednesday. Antonoff is Dunham's boyfriend of five years, and is the lead singer of the indie pop group, the Bleachers.

The primaries will be held on Tuesday, June 6. On the Democratic side, Johnson trails behind Phil Murphy, who is currently leading on the Democratic side, according to The candidates are looking to succeed two-term Gov. Chris Christie.

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