Koch Grateful for a Shower, Looking Forward to a Big Meal

Peter Luger is the place to celebrate for Koch and gang

How's he doing?  Much better after a warm shower, the feisty former NYC Mayor reports.
In an email to friends and associates Tuesday, ED Koch, recovering from surgery writes:
"After six weeks of being sponge-bathed in a bed, a warm shower was heaven. The little things in life are not so little if you don't have them."
After enduring both heart and gallbladder surgery, Koch is pleased to report he has been given permission to eat anything he wants until he gains back ten pounds.
So he's invited all the doctors who cared for him and their spouses to a dinner at Peter Luger's steak house in Brooklyn.   "I am eternally in their debt," Koch says.  "They saved my life."  
They've also warned the foodie former mayor that after  he gains back the weight,  he has to "go on a diet for those with cardiac problems."   Koch is a big fan of sushi and Chinese food.   But right now he's looking forward to a steak. 
"Interestingly of the first half-dozen physicians I invited to dinner, none had ever been to Peter Luger's.  It will be interesting to see what they order."
Bon appetit, Mr. Mayor. You deserve a great meal.
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