Citi Bike Enrollment Opens Wednesday for Jersey City

Enrollment for Jersey City’s Citi Bike program, which launches in September, begins Wenesday.

Members of the new program, which will start with 350 bikes at 35 stations, will be able to use Citi Bikes in New York, and vice versa.

Residents who sign up for a Citi Bike membership before opening day will have immediate access to the New York system and will be able to ride in Jersey City on opening day.

Citi Bike members can use the bikes for individual trips of up to 45 minutes. Members who use them for longer periods will be charged a graduated fee.

Pricing across New York and New Jersey will be the same, with annual memberships going for $149. Weekly and day passes will also be available.

Wednesday also marks the launch of Citi Bike’s expansion into Long Island City in New York. The expansion will continue in several neighborhoods across the city into 2017.

To sign up for CitiBike in Jersey City, click here

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