“Hothead” Tenant, Wife Lose Apartment For Complaining

Management makes decision for dissatisfied couple

A man and his pregnant wife lost their apartment lease for complaining about the building's managers, according to a published report.

David Griffiths aired his dirty laundry on an online forum, and the Rockrose Development Corporation fired back by bouncing him from its EastCoast waterfront joint in Long Island City, the New York Times reported.

The lease was not renewed when it was up a few months ago, and now, David and his pregnant wife Katy are in a walkup apartment in Brooklyn, the Times reported.

Griffiths told the Times that someone from the property company found the critical comments on the forum, then told him "...we understand that you're not happy living here, so we made the decision for you."

A company spokeswoman said she'd rather renew all leases, but has reasons for not doing so with some.

"In these times, I try to renew everybody, unless somebody's a real hothead and a troublemaker," Sofia Estevez told the Times.

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