New York City

Harlem Gets Its First Whole Foods Market

Uptown New Yorkers will no longer have to make a trek for their organic shopping needs.

A new Whole Foods market opened Friday at 125th Street and Lenox in Harlem after five years of construction. It is the only Whole Foods location in the Harlem neighborhood.

The Whole Foods will bring jobs and feature local food and unique Harlem vendors at the location.

Around 20 local brands, including Mama’s One Sauce, The Harlem Pie Man and Egunsi Foods have a place in this Whole Foods branch.

In addition to the taste of local Harlem cuisine, the Whole Foods location will feature a Cuban coffee bar, a Cuban sandwich venue and a kebab venue.

The location will also host events for the community like live music nights and health-concious cooking classes. 

For more information about the Harlem Whole Foods location click here

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