Green Water in NJ Safe to Drink, Company Claims

The water has elevated, but safe, levels of iron, the water company says

A New Jersey water company has discovered why water in part of its service area is green -- an analysis finds elevated levels of iron in the groundwater, although the utility says the levels are still safe.

"You would have to drink six gallons of water to equal what's in one multi-vitamin," said Richard Barnes, spokesman for New Jersey American Water Company.

The green water has been discovered in wells serving the Chadwick Island section of Toms River.

Some were not comforted by the findings announced Thursday.

Ed Lefebvre first noticed the green water when he went to fill up his outdoor pool this spring.

The first time Lefebvre called the water company, he was told it would take weeks to come out and test.

But his persistence paid off, and while the testing showed it is safe to drink, Lefebvre said he'll keep drinking bottled water.

"It's frightening to see this color water," Lefebvre said.

Barnes said his company for years has been trying to build a treatment plant nearby in order to get the iron out, but has been rejected by the town zoning board.

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