‘Is It Relevant?' Fotis Dulos' Sister Scribes Searing 515-Word Statement to Media

Jennifer Dulos, a suburban mother of five from Connecticut, vanished May 24 after dropping her children off at school

What to Know

  • Jennifer Dulos, a suburban mother of five from Connecticut, vanished May 24 after dropping her children off at school
  • Her estranged husband and his girlfriend have pleaded not guilty to charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution
  • Authorities have said they've received nearly 1,000 tips in the case so far, but after more than a month, Jennifer Dulos remains missing

The sister of a Connecticut man whose estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, disappeared more than a month ago after dropping their five children off at school is now coming to her brother's defense, saying he is nothing like the person being portrayed in police and media reports. 

Rena Dulos said in a statement emailed to NBC Tuesday that Fotis Dulos wants nothing more than to know his 50-year-old wife and mother of his five children is well and able to return to their kids. 

Almost every single sentence of the 515-word statement was a question that began with the words, "Is it relevant?"

"Is it relevant for you to know that I have only known my brother to be just that; a loving and affectionate sibling and the greatest of uncles for my two daughters? The life line to a large degree of both our immediate and extended family?" Rena Dulos wrote. "Is it relevant to point out that Fotis — from a very young age — desired to be a father? To be a caretaker? To have a big family under his paternal 'wings?'"

Rena Dulos goes on to talk about how her brother sacrificed much to take care of their ailing parents; she describes an avid skiier who competed professionally and has been goal-oriented his entire "can-do" life.

"Is it important for you to know that I have seen my brother cry, laugh, pull amazing pranks on his friends, get determined and persistent? Yet be always consistently there? For everyone and at all times? Are all these points relevant?" Rena Dulos wrote. 

She finished her letter: "As the sister of Fotis, I submit to you that all these points are uniquely relevant. They have integrally shaped the person who Fotis is, the person who my children aspire to become and the brother that any sister would want to have by her side. I submit to you that all these facets point to a personality that — on the human level — feels let down by all the developments surrounding him, but that — through 50 years of exemplary living — cannot but feel astounded by the accusations and is set on both helping the truth shine and to see Jennifer return safe and sound for the benefit of his children."

The comments were the first from Rena Dulos since her brother came under the public and criminal microscope. Fotis Dulos himself spoke publicly, albeit briefly, after a court hearing last week in which he said he missed and loved his children. The kids have been staying with Gloria Farber, Jennifer Dulos' mother, under armed bodyguard protection in Manhattan since she vanished, and Farber has filed for sole custody. Fotis Dulos remains banned from contact with them.

Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, have pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering and hindering prosecution charges in connection with the May 24 disappearance of the New Canaan mom. Police says Fotis Dulos and Troconis discarded items containing Jennifer Dulos' blood in Hartford. 

Rena Dulos says many relatives and friends don't believe Fotis Dulos is capable of harming his wife. Fotis Dulos' attorney has posited several controversial theories about her disappearance, including a "revenge suicide" scheme resembling the one from the movie "Gone Girl." The missing woman's family has discredited that. 

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