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World Record for Largest Hot Dog Set in Manhattan by Feltman's of Coney Island

A new world record has been established for world's largest hot dog.

What to Know

  • A world record was set by Feltman's of Coney Island.
  • The company created a 5 foot long and 1 foot wide hot dog.
  • After cooking, slices of the hot dog were given away in exchange for donations to Headstrong, a nonprofit centered on veteran mental health

In 1867, Charles Feltman invented the hot dog. On the exact same day 152 years later, Feltman’s of Coney Island furthered its frankfurter innovation with the creation of the world’s largest wiener.

The hot dog began as 120 pounds of beef. It was then wrapped in plastic casing and smoked in a bathtub, nicknamed the “jacuzzi”. After smoking, it emerged a five foot long and one foot wide sausage. A 31-pound bun, baked by Michael’s Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn, was made to accompany the monster dog.

The hot dog was not just made to push the bounds of culinary limits, it was also created for a good cause. Feltman’s asked for a donation for every slice of hot dog given out. The money will go to Headstrong, a nonprofit organization that helps post 9/11 veterans who struggle with their mental health. This cause is important to the veteran owned company.

“I wanted to do something spectacular and monumental, because that’s the type of brand we are, but also, more importantly, I wanted to do something to help the vets,” said Feltman’s owner, Michael Quinn.

The hot dog was exhibited across from Ulysses Restaurant in the Financial District on Wednesday. In the above 80 degree heat, hungry spectators watched it slowly roast atop a charcoal grill. After around two hours of grilling, the dog was finally ready, and the cooked wiener and its bun came together to form a 66-pound completed hot dog.

With this weight, Feltman’s established the world record for largest hot dog. The company is planning to receive an official ruling from Guinness World Records in 12 weeks. Though its life was short, the giant frankfurter will surely go down in history.

Keep the message behind its creation in mind in the coming weeks, and thank the vets as you enjoy a hot dog this Independence Day.

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