Febreze Freshens Up Town After NYC ‘Poop Train’ Stunk It Up

Residents of Parrish, Alabama are breathing easier now that the infamous "poop train" from New York has pulled out of town, and that's partly thanks to Febreze.

The company visited Parrish recently and handed out more than a thousand bottles of air freshener.

Parrish drew national headlines earlier this year when a train carrying roughly 10 million pounds of human waste from New York City was parked in the town due to a dispute over where it could be unloaded. It remained for more than two months, and made life in the tiny town of 982 people difficult.

Mike Earnest owns the oldest business in Parrish and says he's upset the poop train left a stain on his city.

"It gave us a bad name, I think. Poop capital of the South. I'm glad it's gone. And we beat New York. Sent it back to them empty, but hopefully no more comes," Earnest says.

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