Family demands firing of NY cop for ‘execution' shooting of man killed after alleged fruit theft

Warning: The body camera footage of the shooting of Jarrell Garris, released by the attorney general, may be disturbing to watch

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The family of Jarrell Garris is demanding justice after their son was shot and killed by police after allegedly stealing some fruit -- their calls come as new body camera footage of the shooting has been made public.

The three pieces of police footage put out Tuesday, which altogether last less than four minutes, were released by the New York Attorney General's Office nearly two weeks after Garris died and three weeks after the violent exchange with police in New Rochelle.

Garris died on July 10, exactly one week after being shot in the back of the head when multiple officers responded to a reported store theft on Lincoln Avenue.

The man's family said they have watched not just the few minutes of footage released to the public, but more than 20 minutes of recorded video from the three officers involved. They want all the video disclosed.

Raymond Fowler, the 37-year-old's father, characterized his death as a "modern day lynching."

"My son was shot behind the ear, he was paralyzed instantly," Fowler said. "I have to carry that for the rest of my life."

Conn had arrived on the scene after two female officers responded to a complaint that Garris, who has mental health issues, had taken fruit from a grocery store without paying.

The New Rochelle Police Department sparked outrage by only releasing video that cut off the moment before the shooting, and claiming Garris had reached for an officer's gun. The family and community members demanded release of the video in its entirety.

Family attorney William Wagstaff III said the real story is what Conn did and said after the shooting.

"You see Officer Conn arrive at the scene, immediately escalate the situation by physically grabbing Jarrell. [Conn] places a handcuff on [Garris], there's a scuffle, and then as the scuffle starts to unfold, he shoots him in the back of his neck," Wagstaff said.

"That's when he then tries to narrate his way out of the murder he just committed by saying, 'Oh, he's got your gun, he's got your gun.' The officer in response says, 'No dude, I got my gun,' and turns and shows she still has her firearm in her holster. It was a blatant lie."

The three officers involved are currently on paid administrative leave.

A spokesperson from the New Rochelle Police Department said officials are waiting on the state's investigation before making any personnel decisions.

The spokesperson for the City of New Rochelle said, "The City of New Rochelle believes in transparency and supports the Attorney General's decision to release additional bodycam footage from the July 3 shooting.”

Garris's funeral will be held on Saturday at the same church where he was baptised, and only steps from where he was shot.

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