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Queens Family Gets Huge Surprise From Ellen DeGeneres

With the help of Ellen and her team Malachi gives his mom a special thank you for being a superhero

What to Know

  • A Queens family was surprised on "The Ellen Show" in an episode that aired Wednesday
  • Malachi Davis of Cambria Heights had written a letter to Ellen about how grateful he is for his mother, who sacrificed so much for her famil
  • The family was showered with surprises from "Ellen," her producer Jeannie, tickets, and every gift from her 12 Days of Giveaways.

A Queens family got a huge surprise when "The Ellen Show" showed up at their front door this week in a heartwarming moment that was broadcast nationwide Wednesday.

Several weeks ago, Malachi Davis of Cambria Heights wrote a letter to Ellen DeGeneres about his superhero mom Michelle, and all the incredible sacrifices she made to raise him and his two younger sisters as a single mother in New York City. 

Speaking to News 4 New York after the episode aired, he reflected on how his mom always made sure to provide their family with the best of the best.

"When I was younger, we would take the bus from Cambria Heights to Bayside, just so I can go to a better school," he said. "My mom would then take the train to get to work in Brooklyn. She would plan her commute two hours earlier."

Malachi remembers having all brand-name clothing and Jordan sneakers while his mom wouldn’t buy any brand name clothing for herself. 

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The Davis family regularly watches "Ellen" together. It started off with his younger sisters watching Ellen religiously on their tablets and iPads -- then they all got hooked and began watching the show together.

After Davis sent the letter to the show, the family was told they would be receiving a video call this week from a digital producer on the "The Ellen Show." They were surprised to hear DeGeneres herself on the other line -- and positively shocked when producer Jeannie knocked on their door in one of the show's signature ambushes.

The hilarious, sweet moment televised on Wednesday's episode of "Ellen" on NBC shows the family screaming and jumping up and down.

But the surprises didn't end there. DeGeneres gifted them plane tickets and VIP tickets to a taping of the show, and an iPhone for Malachi.

And there was even more in store for them. The family was stunned when they received every gift from Ellen’s famous 12 Days of Giveaways.

In the end, thanks to "The Ellen Show," Davis' letter of appreciation allowed him to be the superhero his mother always was to him.

Watch the full video from "Ellen" below: 

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