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Bizarre New Jersey Dust Storm Sends Wall of Dirt Into Air, Visible From Lower Manhattan

An apparent dust storm stemming from an industrial site in Kearny, New Jersey, sent a smoky haze billowing into the air Thursday -- a wave of what looked like smoke that could be seen from lower Manhattan. 

Crews say work on an ongoing redevelopment project at the site off Fish House Road caused the problem. It came as officials warned of high wind gusts topping 40 mph that likely fueled the spread of dust.

Footage captured from Top of the Rock showed a wall of what looked like white smoke rising from the ground. Many observers thought it was a fire, but those closer to the scene said the swirling "smoke" was actually piles of dirt. 

Dust that looked like smoke from a fire was seen billowing from New Jersey towards Lower Manhattan Thursday.

At least one water truck was spotted at the site; the driver was wearing a mask.

The nature of the project wasn't clear. The property is owned by Hudson County Improvement Authority, which couldn't immediately be reached for comment on the matter.

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