Car Wash Worker in Jeep Runs Over Elderly Couple, Killing Woman: NYPD

What to Know

  • A car wash worker in a Jeep ran into an elderly couple's car in Brooklyn four times after emerging from the wash, hitting the couple twice
  • The 85-year-old woman died at the scene; the 90-year-old man is in critical condition at a local hospital
  • Police say the driver has not been arrested and they're still investigating; a witness said the driver appeared "panicked" after the crash

UPDATE: Heartbroken Neighbors Mourn Elderly Woman Killed in Freak Accident at Brooklyn Car Wash

A car wash worker in Brooklyn struck an elderly couple several times, killing the woman and critically injuring the man Tuesday afternoon, police said. 

The car wash worker behind the wheel of the Jeep first rear-ended the elderly couple's Honda Accord as the Jeep exited the car wash tunnel, police said.

As the couple went to inspect the damage to their Honda, the worker suddenly reversed the Jeep, hitting the building. He then accelerated forward and slammed into the couple. 

Very graphic surveillance video shows the Jeep smashing the couple's car four times over the course of a minute -- the first, while the couple was in the car; the second time, the Jeep slams into them at a high speed, running them over and pushing their Accord across the street. After stopping for two seconds, the Jeep reverses and goes back into car wash at high speed.

In the third crash, the Jeep driver immediately guns it forward again, hitting the couple again and slamming into the Honda. The Jeep stops for about 10 seconds as bystanders run over. 

Finally, the Jeep reverses about 10 feet and then drives forward into the Accord a fourth time. 

The 85-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. The 90-year-old man is in critical condition at Lutheran Hospital. 

A shaken bystander, who asked not to be identified, told News 4 that the driver was "knocking her over, running her over, over and over, over and over, back and forth, running her over, her body being crushed to pieces underneath the car. It was horrible." 

Police said they are still interviewing the driver, who stayed at the scene. There's no apparent cause of the crash or motive, and the driver is not under arrest. One witness said he appeared "panicked" after the crash. 

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