Camden County

Dozens of NJ Students Sent to Hospital After Sanitizer Found in School Milk

Camden City schools sent 25 children to the hospital out of precaution after "consumable" sanitizer was found in milk cartons distributed at a kindergarten and pre-K facility on Wednesday, according to officials

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A couple dozen public school students in Camden, New Jersey, went to the hospital as a precaution after they drank school-issued milk that contained sanitizer, the school district and a Camden County spokesman said Wednesday.

None of the students were ill and none had any symptoms of sickness when they were taken to a city hospital on Wednesday, a county spokesman said. They went to the hospital as a precaution.

The school district said in a series of tweets and a Facebook post that the contaminated milk was given out at the Early Children Development Center, where kindergarten and pre-K students attend.

The substance is apparently used to prevent anything harmful from getting into the milk when it is packaged before shipping. It is consumable, the school district said.

"Unfortunately, many cartons were filled with the sanitizer, sealed, and then shipped out with the milk. We pulled all milk today and NO milk will be served until the investigation is completed," Camden schools said in a tweet. "Emergency teams were dispatched to the school."

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