Deer Found Trapped in Soccer Net; Watch the Dramatic Rescue

A deer's antlers became tangled in a soccer net on Long Island on Sunday, entrapping the animal before volunteers cut it free in a dramatic rescue that was caught on video. 

The deer was discovered at about 9 a.m. on a soccer field in Shirley, said Frank Floridia, president of Strong Island Animal Rescue. It was reported to police, who called his rescue group. 

Floridia responded with a large scissor to cut the young buck free. 

"I knew it was a life or death situation," Floridia said, noting the deer was thrashing around and could break its leg, which would be a fatal injury. 

"I knew I had to act fast," he said. 

It only took about a minute for Florida to make several cuts to the net and free the deer. Afterward, the frighten animal lept to its feet and ran into the nearby woods. 

Floridia turned to the camera with a big smile and a thumbs-up. 

“We have to do better, so many people leave volleyball and soccer nets out year-round and animals become injured and possibly die because of it," Floridia said. "Let’s start making this world a safer place and take the nets down when not in use so these animals don’t have to endure the stress."

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