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Crime Fighting Drones in NYC? Eric Adams Reportedly Eyeing New Tech for NYPD

The drones are said to be equipped with night vision technology but won't be weaponized

With his first three months in office enveloped by extraordinary spates of crime, Mayor Eric Adams is said to be considering equipping the police department with new drones to crack down on New York City crime.

Adams' team reportedly started discussions with two drone manufacturers after the mayor attended an event earlier in March where the tech was featured. The New York Post reports Israeli-based Blue White Robotics and Easy Aerial of Brooklyn could supply the city with the eyes in the sky Adams wants.

Ben Alfi, CEO of Blue White Robotics, said his company's drones could help speed up response time to crimes and prevent crimes with technology that lets cops set off flashing lights and issues voice warnings.

The head of Easy Ariel, meanwhile, told the outlet that by deploying a team of just 10 drones, the city could respond anywhere in Manhattan. They cost between $70,000 and $100,000 each.

Each of the drones would be equipped with night vision cameras but would not be weaponized or able to "provide facial recognition." Video feeds from the drone cameras would be relayed back to police.

Adams was reportedly interested in placing the high-flying tech along rooftops in neighborhoods with high levels of crime. They'd also be connected to the NYPD's ShotSpotter program.

The NYPD currently has 14 drones used to keep an eye on special events and in some hostage negotiations. Those came into service back in Dec. 2018.

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