CrapBerry App Shows Way to Can

Mobile app points you to the john

The usefulness of new technology can never be overrated, especially when it's pointing one to the nearest available restroom.

It's the ultimate urban quandary. You have a pressing need to go to the bathroom but are far from home and "Customers Only" seems the rule of the day for available bathrooms. A new mobile application promises relief, however, pointing visitors to the nearest free restroom. is available to Blackberry and iPhone users, according to the Daily News. The site directs users to the nearest restroom and lets users know the relative cleanliness of the facility. Danika Landers runs the web site with her boyfriend and admits that she uses public bathrooms a lot. "I'm an expert at pretending I'm going to buy something and then I go in just to get the job done."

Currently, the site features about 50,000 restrooms worldwide and 600 in New York City. It's GoogleMaps based and uses devices' GPS functionality to point out the nearest geographic facilities.

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