Coyote Wanders Onto Bar Rooftop in Queens

A wild animal resembling a coyote wandered onto the roof of a bar in Queens where it appeared to be stranded for several hours Monday, witnesses reported. 

It was spotted by tenants living above LIC Bar on Vernon Boulevard and 46th Avenue in Long Island City, according to LIC Post.

They think the coyote managed to get on the roof from a broken window of an adjacent empty warehouse building, LIC Bar owner Brian Porter told the website. 

"It looked well-fed, it wasn't a scrawny thing," he said. 

LIC Post reported a veterinarian from Citi Vet clinic a few blocks away went up on the roof to see whether it was a dog or a coyote, took a look, then quickly descended, as captured in a photo by witness Paula Kirby.

Matt Quigley of Plaxall Properties, whose office has a direct view of the bar rooftop, told NBC 4 New York in an email the coyote eventually got back into the abandoned Paragon Paints building through an open window.

Video taken by another neighbor shows the animal darting away from NYPD emergency services unit officers on the rooftop, and dashing back into the old factory building through an open window. 

The NYPD confirmed officers responded to a call for a wild animal on a rooftop there, but couldn't say whether it was a coyote. 

Quigley said police officers staked out the area for a few more hours, then left.

The ACC said it was sending officers out to the area to investigate. 

In January, two coyotes were captured by NYPD officers separately on the Upper West Side and in the Stuyvesant Town complex. Each was released in wilderness areas in the Bronx. 

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