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College Student Falls Asleep in NJ Transit Train, Wakes Up With ‘No One on It'

She says woke up in a darkened rail yard with no one on board the train

A woman who had to leave her college ahead of Hurricane Irma fell asleep on a New Jersey Transit train after her flight from Florida, eventually waking up to an empty train in an empty rail yard, according to reports.

“I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help,” the woman, reportedly named Claire Connelly, commented on a video she posted to Twitter. “No one answered, the train was completely empty and shut down for the night.”

She told that she was evacuated from Florida Gulf Coast University as the deadly hurricane approached the state, paying $1,000 for a ticket, driving six hours to an airport, and then having a layover at another airport in Detroit before eventually making it to Newark.

She was taking a NJ Transit train to Middletown Wednesday night when she fell asleep while studying. She woke up in a rail yard in Raritan with no one on board the locked train.

“I literally just fell asleep on my train. I’m in a train. Literally, there’s no one on it,” she says in a 10-second video posted to Twitter from aboard the train.

She says she was crying during the ordeal, but eventually called 911 and was rescued by Raritan police. 

About 10 minutes after she posted the video, someone from NJ Transit’s official Twitter account replied to her, asking: “Are you still on the train? Would you please provide me with your train number or line?”

By that point she had already been picked up by her parents. In her reply to the NJ Transit account, she said she was terrified and afraid to ride a train again.

On top of everything else, she wasn’t even on the right train. She was on the High Bridge line when she should’ve been on the North Jersey Coast line to Middletown.

“The guy who checks tickets didn’t even notice mine said Middletown NJ,” she tweeted.

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