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Christmas in February: NY Hamlet Redecorates After Letter Criticized Mourning Neighbor

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On Berkshire Road in Bethpage, Long Island, it’s like Christmas in February because decorative lights are still sparkling.

These houses don’t normally look like this in February but the post-Christmas display is a show of solidarity for a neighbor in mourning who hasn't had the time to take down her lights after her father and aunt died last year of COVID-19. The display came after residents heard about Sara Pascucci and an anonymous letter she received last month that said she should take down her decorations because "Its Valentines Day!!!!!!"

"We put the lights back to say you know what we’re gonna do what we want to do, said neighbor Bree Fazio. "In respect and honor of them because he did love putting lights up."

She's just one of several neighbors who are showing their support for the Pascucci family. Pascucci and her brother have been too overwhelmed with funeral arrangements to take the lights down, but seeing her other neighbors stepping up has made a tough time a little easier.

An anonymous note sent to Sara Pascucci of Bethpage said, "Take your Christmas lights down! Its Valentinse Day!!!!!!" But what the sender doesn't know is that Pascucci has been busy with funeral arrangements for her father and aunt who died of COVID-19.

"It’s absolutely heartwarming," Pascucci said. "I never would expect all of this and just to see how many people are supporting us and really do care."

A handful of other neighbors got the anonymous letter in the mail too. No one knows who sent them.

"These are great people over there. So it’s like, come on, leave the guy alone. The neighbors wanna keep their lights up they can keep it up until Easter...leave it alone," said another neighbor, Gaspar Zizzo.

As they continue to mourn 60-year-old Anthony Pascucci and 70-year-old Connie Pascucci, they are holding on to the last bit of joy the family felt together. Anthony loved putting the lights up every year, and this was his last display.

"You could imagine how hard it is to even think to take it down," Pascucci said.

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