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From torrential downpours to raging wildfires, extreme weather reports are increasing all around the world, including in the tri-state. New Jersey experienced a state-wide drought this year. New York City endured flash flooding that immersed entire subways.

Climate change is defined as the long-term shifts in weather patterns and temperature. Scientists say a mix of hotter temperatures with rising sea levels will result in more intense and dangerous storms. The main driver of these impacts is human activity, which fuels the uptick of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Residents are taking action, reversing negative influences on the environment and restoring natural solutions attached to our living shoreline.

Climate Central is a nonprofit that uses science and technology to create visual predictions of what communities across the world could look like under climate change conditions.

In Picturing Our Future, this group visualizes the projected future sea levels at various locations in the United States due to human-caused global warming. Illustrations show the potential impact of multi-century sea level rise after 3°C of global warming.

Click here to see what tri-state areas are forecasted to look like after 3°C of global warming. 

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