Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin Ambassadors

Charmin is looking for friendly people to promote its product over the holiday season in its Times Square restrooms

Good news for bathroom lovers: You can get paid $10,000 to hang out in one.

Charmin is looking for five enthusiastic people to represent the company during the holiday season at its Times Square restrooms that will open for the fourth consecutive year later this month.

The toilet tissue company will be auditioning people for the six-week gig at the Hilton Hotel on 53rd Street and 6th Avenue today.

The "Charmin Ambassadors" are part of the company's effort to promote the brand through blogging and other social media outlets. The selected "ambassadors" will interact with people and showcase latest news and developments from the TP manufacturer

"Each holiday season, we receive an overwhelming amount of interest from candidates hoping to work at the Charmin Restrooms, so this year we are going one step further to offer five special individuals a job opportunity that is truly unique," said Jacques Hagopian, brand manager for Charmin. "Nothing could be better than working in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world during the holidays."

Self proclaimed king of the go Frank Pullicino, who came dressed in a robe and a toilet paper crown, said he saw the ad in the paper. The 40-year-old stay-at-home-dad from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, thought, "I am the king of the go!"

Regina Wilkerson, a graphic designer and photgrapher who came all the way from Chino Hills, Calif., thought it would be the perfect opportunity to promote a product she really believes in.

"It's like you see the bathroom, then you gotta go, but if Charmin's not there, then forget about it," Wilkerson, 33, said.

An audition to find a representative for bathroom tissue was sure to elicit bathroom humor.

"I'm very bathroom oriented," said Marty Schneit, 72, from Manhattan. "I'm very anal."

"I spent a lot of money on it, and I wanted a return on my investment," Brooklynite Tennille Patterson, 27, said with a chuckle.

But jokes aside, some people really needed the job and the extra money.

Leslie Marshall, 36, who used to work for Sprint in customer service, is now unemployed and bills are piling up.

"I'm praying for this, and I will do anything that will not reduce my integrity," Marshall, of Brooklyn, said. "I am grateful for the $234 a week I get from unemployment benefits, but that's not enough to get by."

Winners will be announced on Nov. 23 when the restrooms open.

Charmin put the restrooms in Times Square to give tourists a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the city during the holiday season. The 20 restrooms are clean, ADA compliant and family-friendly, the company said.

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