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24 Treated for Carbon Monoxide Exposure at Midtown Music Venue: FDNY

What to Know

  • Two dozen people at the Iridium jazz club in midtown were treated for carbon monoxide exposure Thursday night
  • The source of the carbon monoxide wasn't clear, but the 24 patients were in stable condition, the FDNY says
  • There was heavy emergency response at the corner of 51st and Broadway, and the street was closed as FDNY responded

Twenty-four people are being treated for carbon monoxide exposure inside a commercial building at the Iridium music venue in midtown Manhattan, fire officials say. 

The FDNY says it's treating people who were exposed at the venue at 51st Street and Broadway, in the same building as the Stardust Diner, though the diner was not impacted.

All of the patients were in stable condition. Some of them were even being released without being taken to the hospital, but at least one was hospitalized.

An FDNY chief at the scene said the source of the carbon monoxide was from a beverage machine and the leak has been isolated, shut down and ventilated. News 4 cameras on the scene showed heavy emergency response, with part of the street closed off. The people being treated were alert and walking around. 

One man who was treated at the scene, Rick Ennis of Queens, told News 4, "We were at a show, and all of a sudden the firemen walked in and said we had to evacuate for a carbon monoxide situation. I felt fine but they took a reading, and I have a monoxide level."

He said he was going to take some oxygen, but felt fine otherwise.  

Officials say the music venue will remain closed until the FDNY and inspectors determined it's safe to reopen.

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