New York

Driver Crashes Into CVS on Long Island, Shattering Storefront

A 76-year-old driver trying to park in a handicap spot in front of a CVS drugstore on Long Island slammed into the store, crashing through the glass windows and doors and knocking over displays inside, but no one was injured, officials said. 

The woman's son told News 4 New York that she accidentally stepped on the gas pedal in front of the store in Hicksville and went right through the front doors.

Dramatic video from inside the store shows the car lodged in an aisle of beauty products, buried under shattered glass and plastic shattered and surrounded by scattered candy and merchandise. 

Fire officials said no employees or injured were hurt. Contractors on the scene said the doors won't be replaced anytime soon because they first need to get permits. 

The driver was taken to the hospital for observation. 

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