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Brooklyn Family Welcomes Second Baby Born on Leap Day

Omri and Scout share more than parents — they also share the same birthday

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The odds are one in two million — but it happened to one Brooklyn family who now has two so-called "Leaplings" after the birth of their daughter on Saturday.

The Demchak family welcomed their daughter and second child, Scout, on Feb. 29, also known as Leap Day.

Scout's older brother, Omri, was also born on Feb. 29, four years ago.

"I kept saying, 'I cannot believe this is happening again,'" dad, Dane Demchak said. "We are thankful, we are so glad to have her here. But it's unreal."

In addition to the children's birthdays on Feb. 29, mom Lindsay was born on Feb. 26 and grandmother Irene on Feb. 28.

"It's part of a birthday bonanza, we have four birthdays and it's always been difficult, especially with me," laughed Douglas Knowles, grandfather to the birthday honorees.

Parents Dane and Lindsay thought they had to be creative with one Leap Day baby; now two are sure to complicate things. But these experienced parents already have a plan.

Mom and dad plan to split the birthdays most years, celebrating Omri on February 28 and Scout on March 1.

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