Bronx Zoo Tiger Cubs Turn 1

Zoo invites public to buy cubs a birthday treat through online registry.

tiger cubs julie larsen
Julie Larsen Maher

The six adorable tiger cubs that call the Bronx Zoo home are celebrating their first birthdays -- and you have a chance to buy them a present or two.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo has created a different kind of gift registry -- one that includes gifts like knucklebones and meatcicles rather than sterling silver plates.

To help celebrate this one-year milestone, visit to purchase a surprise for these young tigers. (Watch the cubs play with some of their treats in the YouTube video below.)

The six cubs include two sets of triplets – three Amur tigers and three Malayan tigers. The Malayan tigers were born on April 5, 2010, and the Amur (Siberian) tigers were born on May 22.

The last litter of Amur tigers born at the Bronx Zoo was more than 13 years ago, and this is the first litter of Malayan cubs ever exhibited at the Bronx Zoo. The six cubs are now powerful adolescents.
Enrichment items include a knucklebone for a $10 donation; a frozen meatcicle for $25; Calvin Klein Obsession for Men for $50 (we're not sure how this fits in); and a treat spinner for $100.

Each item provides these curious cats with a challenge – from gnawing on a knucklebone, nuzzling against a tree scented with cologne, or figuring out how to get a meatball out of a puzzle.
The Bronx Zoo’s enrichment program is designed to exercise the muscles and minds of the animals. Each donation will support enrichment programs for the tiger cubs and the other animals in WCS's zoos and aquarium.

Tigers are a critically endangered species with fewer than 3,500 remaining in the wild –- only 1,000 of which are breeding females.

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