Bronx Thieves Steal 10 Cars, Leave Attendants Beaten in String of Robberies

During one of their violent robberies, an employee in the Fordham section was beaten and bound

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Police in the Bronx are searching for a team of armed car thieves that have jacked nearly a dozen cars and terrorized a number of parking attendants in the span of less than a week.

The NYPD says a group of nine thieves is accused of stealing car all across the borough, hitting five businesses and getting away with cash and wallets in the process.

The brazen robberies have been captured on video several times. The most recent robbery, on March 9, was caught on video as several members of the group forced their way into the offices at G and Sons Parking. Once inside, they pointed a gun at the 57-year-old attendant and shoved him to the floor.

During the G & Sons Parking robbery, police said the worker was not only assaulted but also tied up. The thieves took the victim's wallet and stole three vehicles, including a Porsche.

Two days prior, five men were seen on video beating a 66-year-old worker at Parkchester Tremont Parking. The suspects stole $500 in cash and five sets of keys from the business office, police said.

A group of thieves in the Bronx who assaulted a parking attendant were caught on camera but have not yet been arrested, police said
A group of thieves in the Bronx who assaulted a parking attendant were caught on camera but have not yet been arrested, police said.

Their attempt to get away with more cars appeared unsuccessful. Police said the employee was able to jump into a vehicle and tried to stop them from leaving by driving directly at the group.

"He, thank god, is ok," said Luis Rollins, a parking lot attendant who works with the victim. "I tell him 'don't be so crazy' because he tried to fight like four guys. Like come on dude, you're an old man."

Police said the group often strikes overnight or in the early morning hours.

In total, police said the group is connected to the thefts of at least 10 vehicles. Half of those vehicles were taken from White Plains Secure Parking where police said they again brandished a handgun and threw a 28-year-old employee to the ground. They also took the victim's wallet.

From what information police released on Friday, the group stole vehicles between March 4 and 9. Their other robberies occurred at an Amoco gas station and Westchester Avenue Car Wash, where a vehicle was left unattended in front of the business.

Police have not yet announced any arrests and their investigation is ongoing.

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