Boom Truck Smashes Onto Roof of Cab in Brooklyn; Driver, Passengers Miraculously OK

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A boom truck came crashing down on top of a yellow cab in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon, crunching the van's roof and windshield as it was moving, but miraculously all four people inside — including a child — survived.

The incident occurred during the afternoon on New York Avenue near Rockaway Avenue in East Flatbush. A witness said two neighbors pulled the driver out, and he had only suffered some scratches on his head despite being inches from where the vehicle got crunched.

"The roof was within inches of crushing this guy’s head," said neighbor Richard S.

Those who heard the crash said it sounded like "two dump trucks hit each other."

"Today was not the day for that guy to die. Simple. It’s literally on top of the guy’s head," said another neighbor who agreed: the man narrowly escaped death after the roof caved above him.

Witnesses said a woman and a child were sitting in the backseat and appeared to be unharmed. The FDNY said four people, the driver and three passengers, were riding in the car. Paramedics rushed two of the passengers to the hospital with minor injuries.

"The child was just crying, he didn’t look like he was hurt. Upset from the accident. Driver holding his head a little bit," said Richard.

It was not immediately clear if the construction company that owns the boom truck would continue using the vehicle. The company did not respond to a request from comment. Neighbors said there has been work ongoing at a nearby building for months.

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