Belt Tied Around Young Boy's Neck, Tied to Pipe in NYC Robbery: Police

A 10-year-old boy was tied up in a Bronx basement during an apparent robbery last month, police say.

Officials say the young boy was home alone at the time two men busted into a house in Wakefield back on Sept. 27 and made their way down to a basement apartment.

The duo wrapped a belt around the boy’s neck and tied it around a pipe, police said. The pair then rummaged their way through the apartment, stole jewelry and ran away.

The parents have not been charged for leaving the boy home alone, according to police. It wasn’t clear if the home was targeted, nor was it known if the boy was injured.

Police say one of the men was last seen with a shaved head and wearing a red shirt. The other suspect was last seen wearing a white shirt and jeans.

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