Attorneys Spar on Camera in LI Kidney Divorce Case

Gloves coming off in high-profile case

Things are heating up this week in the Long Island divorce case.

Dr. Richard Batista filed for divorce from his wife Dawnell last month, claiming infidelity on her part. He's suing for the kidney he'd provided for transplant to her during a less stormy period in their marriage. If Dawnell doesn't part with the kidney, Dr. Batista is demanding $1.5 million.

Tuesday, a woman named Pamela Rathburn-Ray came forward to announce that when she was engaged to Batista in the 1980s, he flew into "demonic rage" and beat her "mercilessly."

Wednesday, Batista's attorney, Dominic Barbara, told reporters that Rathburn-Ray had her nursing license suspended because of drug use.

When the attorney for Rathburn-Ray, John Ray (no relation), spoke to reporters Wednesday, Barbara interrupted to ask if Ray knew that Rathburn-Ray had allegedly had her license suspended.

"The gentleman who's speaking now, who wants to slander this woman again, is doing exactly what his client is doing, attempting to hurt women," Ray countered.

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