1549 Passengers Hope For Miracle In The Wallet

Some who were on board the US Airways plane that made an emergency landing on the Hudson River two weeks ago said in a published report that they appreciate the $5,000 offered by the airline, but questioned if the amount is enough.

A salesman from Charlotte, the original destination for Flight 1549 on Jan. 15, told USA Today that it's difficult to put a price on his bruises and bloody nose, not to mention the emotional anguish the ordeal has caused. Joe Hart said he'd "like to be made whole for the incident."

Last week, the airline sent letters of apologies, checks for $5,000 and fare reimbursements to the 150 passengers who were aboard the plane.

The National Air Disaster Alliance & Foundation said $5,000 is too low, according to the USA Today report.

In addition to typical luggage contents like clothing and toiletries, many of the travelers lost key business materials, even cell phones and BlackBerrys.
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